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In Myanmar, from April 12 to 16 is traditional water festival day. I went outside and capture some photos from my work. Actually, day start from April 11 to 22 is official holiday noted by government. But, I've some overtime work at there. After finish my duty, I play with my camera.

Those days are very happy day for Myanmar people. They throw water each other on that day, April 12 to 16. It make swat and cover from summer heat. And also, they have faith if you good stay in this days, the whole year may be good. This is new year days in Myanmar calendar.
Didn't go to my own shop and there may have some of my friend working at there or listening some music or playing computer games or eating something. One is always on dialing and answering some phone calls. I'm not sure it's working or not. But, they do as their wish.

Just another point I've got yesterday night is helping and request for help have some limitation and doesn't seem to be great if anything happen. Because of the relationship, there's nothing can inserted for friend life. I always thinking about the friend and doing their requested work is my work. As a 24 years old guy, I should have some great business and stable income. For me, nope! huh!

This is the meaning less day at my diary site.
  • Listening to: Welcome, Ghost (Expression in the sky)
  • Reading: Art of photography
  • Watching: Vantage point
  • Eating: Nothing
  • Drinking: Coffee
Lots of busy day. On my way going to office, got phone call to exchange money from FEC to Myanmar kyat. Exchange person doesn't accept my money because of there have a little red dot on that money. OK, what a very unfamiliar problem with me. Did you met like that one? I don't know. So, I explain responsible person that's not my fault and if it's can't change what's the better way. He answered, go somewhere. There may have some buy and collect FECs. COOL. Who are they? He don't know also.

Programmed about mail script in bad connection was risk. I do know about that. But, my client want to have mail urgently. OK then, I tried. One step after one step. It's not easy. But, after taking 4 to 5 hours, I got it. lolz.